Sosaku-Hake (Printing Brush)

Sosaku-Hake (Printing Brush)


The Sosaku-Hake is an economical hand-made stenciling brush made from a single bamboo piece, with hand-sewn hog hairs.

These brushes are ideal for spreading pigment across your woodblock in select areas. 

There are two sizes to choose from: 15mm and 24mm.

As you acquire brushes, assign a set for light colors, cool colors, and Sumi ink (black).

  • Brush Care

    • 1. Try to keep the wooden handle dry at all times. Never use hot water or soap to clean your brush.
    • Wash the hairs of the brush with cold water. If using the brush for a watercolor wash, since immediately after use to best prevent staining
    • Let the water drain by placing the brush flat on the countertop with hairs over the sink.
    • Hang your brush with the head (hairs side) down and let dry in the shade
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