Mokuhanga Kit

Mokuhanga Kit


Everything you need to make woodblock prints today. Get straight to work with confidence that you have all the resources you need, including tools, watercolors, printable guides, and exclusive learning videos. 


Specialty Materials

  • Mizu-Bake (water brush for consistent dampening)
  • Sosaku-Hake 24mm (large stencil brush)
  • Sosaku-Hake 15mm (small stencil brush)
  • Hakobi ( pigment transfer brush)
  • Plastic baren 120mm 
  • Five knife set with denim case
  • Vellum paper (A5 x 2)
  • Carbon paper (A5 X 2)
  • Nori (100g)
  • Sumi ink (2 0z) (60 cc)
  • Watercolor set
  • Shina plywood 18cm x 11cm (2)
  • Tiny clear ruler approx 20cm
  • Antislip mat
  • Japanese paper sample pack (20)


Printable Materials

  • Image design guide
  • Mokuhanga registration guides


  • Materials Care

    Brush Care:

    • Wash the hairs of the brush with cold water. If using the brush for a watercolor wash, rinse immediately after use to best prevent staining.
    • Let the water drain by placing the brush flat on the countertop with hairs over the sink. 
    • Hang your brush with the head (hairs side) down and let dry in the shade

    Shina Plywood Care

    • Before carving, sand the surface of the block with sandpaper (800/1200 grit). Do not sand the surface once you begin carving the block. 
    • Store flat to prevent warping once you carve and rinse your block.
    • Wash with warm water and a tiny amount of soap when cleaning your block. 


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