Meet Charles and Megan, the founders of Block Paper Print

Learning printmaking can be overwhelming. Block Paper Print's online courses explain every step so that you can love the experience of making prints.



Creative Developer

Charles, is the founder and Creative Director of the Coaching Company, Block Paper Print LLC. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arizona School of Art in Printmaking, and a CliftonStrengths Coaching Certification through Gallup.

Charles has exhibited artwork internationally in Tokyo, Bratislava, Krakow, and Bangalore, as well as juried exhibitions in the United States, including The North American Boston Print Biennial, Atlanta Print Biennial, and The Krakow International Print Triennial.

Charles's Top Five Themes of Talent:

  • Input

  • Intellection

  • Learner

  • Context

  • Restorative

Want to learn more about Charles, his artwork and journey as an artist?  Click here.



Brand Director

Megan, the brand Director of Block Paper Print, holds a Master of Science in Design (MSD) and a Master in Healthcare Innovation (MHI) degree from Arizona State University.


She works with clients to make highly thematic and engaging events.

Megan's Top Five Themes of Talent:

  • Achiever

  • Learner

  • Individualization

  • Responsibility

  • Strategic

About Relief Printmaking

Relief printmaking is one of the inventions that shaped the modern world. The medium expanded people's access to art and books
by printing multiples of images and text onto paper from the inked surface of a carved block.

This ancient medium is now a popular way for people to express their creative selves. The tactile feel of carving can be relaxing, and printing the art to share invokes feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Creative Problem Solving


The Great Wave off Kanagawa, Katsushika Hokusai, c. 1829–1833

25.7 cm × 37.8 cm (10.1 in × 14.9 in)

The Great Wave off Kanagawa is one of the most recognizable artworks today and an example of powerful teamwork. Hokusai, the artist behind the print, worked with producers and artisan teams to reproduce the painting as a woodblock print. The image was so popular that the team of printers pulled 5,000 impressions from the original carved blocks.

As your team members learn the printmaking process, they gain insight as to how their talents apply to their professional and personal lives. Likewise, they can see the diverse strengths of their colleagues in action- a crucial component to strengths-based team performance.

Printmaking's step-by-step process hones creative problem-solving skills and builds self-assurance as people learn to take risks to solve problems on the spot.

The complete artwork by your team is an instant visual payoff and a lasting reminder that they are as capable as the project managers and artisans that made The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

Ready to develop your creative thinking and process skills, work smarter (individually or as a team) and find creative balance at work or personally, hire a coach.

As a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, artist and entrepreneur, I am here to help you or your team reach collective goals, discover your strengths and find a cohesive vision creatively.  I am here to answer your questions. Feel free to reach out via email or call me at 904.703.4499.

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