Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Course Layout?

The course contains live 90-minutes sessions via ZOOM
Sessions activities may include project introductions, demos, in-process art discussion, and studio working time.
The private community is where you can share photos with your peers and ask questions, in-between classes.
Charles checks and comments in the community daily.

Is this class for me?

Making Relief Prints is for artists and educators who wish to integrate printmaking into their studio practice or class curriculum.
Suppose you're not sure which materials you should purchase or want collegiate quality training without the expense and conventions of the university or college system. In that case, this course is for you!

What materials do I need?

Each class has a checklist for materials that Charles reccomends. Purchase directly from the checklist or use your existing materials. Charles sells his favorite relief printmaking tools and papers directly through his shop at a 10% discount when you take the course.

What are the Space Requirements?

The best prints happen at the kitchen table! Charles believes that making prints can occur in any space. The process you learn is scalable, whether you're working in the "studio" corner of your living room or a university classroom.

How much time does this course take?

In addition to the live sessions, aim for 25-minutes a few days for image design and carving. Try to block off an hour-and-a-half to three hours for each printing session.
- Three 90-minute Sessions: 270 mins
- Three Critique + Wrap Party Sessions: 120 mins
- In-between time 5-6 hours
- Total EST time: 12-hours

What happens after I register for the course?

Hey, Thanks for signing up! You'll receive a welcome email containing:

  • links to ZOOM sessions
  • an invite to the private community forum
  • course resource packet
  • course material checklist

What happens if I can't make a live session?

No worries! We record all live sessions to rewatch. If you're unable to attend, send questions to Charles in advance or ask after you watch the session.