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Youth Art Classes


Youth Creative Development (Ages 10-14)



2021 Winter Course Themes:

  • Hibernation & Migration

  • Winter Foods

  • Chinese Lunar New Year

  • Seasonal Changes

Art Techniques:

  • Color Theory

  • Form & Pattern

  • Mix-Media

  • Using Reference

Artists We Cover: 

  • Edward Hopper

  • Giuseppe Arcimboldo

  • Ralph Kiggell

  • Henri Matisse

Time: 5:30pm (EST) - 6:30pm (EST)  Every Thursday Starting February 4th

Drop-In Cost:  $35 (One live class, reference materials,) 

Monthly Tuition Cost:  $120 ( 4 classes with curriculum, community group)

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Previous student work, ages ranging from 8 - 12

About Youth Development (Ages 10-14)

Youth Development Classes help your child discover their talents by making art in virtual group classes and custom development plans.

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kids art class documentation - you are w
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Explore Talent

Your child will receive a report with their top three talents and ideas for illuminating and providing action steps when they take Clifton StrengthsExplorer.

The StrengthsExplorer report will be a guide to help them develop their unique creative practice, help you recognize their talents at work, and help me guide them to develop their unique artistic voice.


Using StrengthsExplorer discover your child's talents can lead to:

  • resilience and confidence

  • productivity and engagement in school

  • hope and direction for the future

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Expert Art Instruction

Your child will learn to work in a wide range of traditional and digital media, including drawing, printmaking, painting, and digital photography.

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A Community of Young Artists

Your child will learn to recognize their classmate's talents and unique approach for making art as they regularly attend classes, forming a community to ask each other for advice and artistic collaboration.

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Artmaking Resources

Resources like material lists, printable templates help you set up a working space in five minutes.

Let's get started! Sign up to receive updates, information, and schedules about upcoming youth classes. 


Course Information & Schedules

Course Schedules:

Winter 2021 (Jan-Mar) begins January 14th (Enroll Now!)

Spring 2021- Dates & Curriculum Coming Soon

Summer 2021Dates & Curriculum Coming Soon

Fall 2021Dates & Curriculum Coming Soon

Learn about Youth Development! Sign up to receive updates, information, and schedules about upcoming youth classes. Now enrolling Winter 2021.


Youth Development Process

Once enrolled, your child begins by taking the 15-minute StrengthsExplorer Assessment. Each class, your child will learn a new skill and theme as they make art. Weekly group feedback provides positive suggestions for improving artwork while building a community of young artists and parents. Individualized coaching sessions reflect how their natural talents shape creative development.

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Enrollment and Assessment

Weekly live classes

Weekly feedback


Student Gallery

Ready to help your child develop creative thinking, expression and process skills through creative arts? Sessions are starting soon. Inquire today, and let's work together to build a creative learning schedule for your child. 

As a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, artist and entrepreneur, I am here to help your child reach goals, and discover creative strengths.  A creative and art component is essential to a robust learning curriculum.

I am here to answer your questions. Feel free to reach out via email or call me at 904.703.4499.

Still have questions?