Become a Printmaking Wizard

Online Courses and Coaching for Artists

Visualizing your image in reverse can hurt your head.

Don't let the mysterious process hold you back.

The world needs your art.

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Artist and client Rachel Stiff planning prints

Make Better Prints

Learn printmaking skills and develop ideas into series

Solidify your Process

Build an approach to printmaking that mystifies everyone

Create in Community

​Improve along with your class peers and celebrate each other's successes

Become a Print Wizard

The first step is discussing your team's needs and what the desired workshop result is. Charles will craft the session, through which you can sense the look of the final artwork and provide input. The workshop is a combination of coaching and hands-on art-making, with a set time for reflection. Afterward, we review key-takeaways and set next-step action items for your team in a post-workshop meeting


1. Enroll for Class

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2. Show Up Once a Week

3. Congrats, you're a Print Wiz