What we create



Imagery can be abstract, objective, or a combination of the two. The decision of what type of imagery occurs during workshops can be up to the participant to decide or apply directly to the workshop theme. Images are 3.8 x 5.8 size from 3-hour workshops.

Examples of natural occurring imagery (participant decides)

The Machine Stops

The Machine Stops is a prompt based on the E.M. Forster science-fiction short story by the same name. Here, participants use this prompt and are free to conjure up any image that comes to mind, without knowledge of the short-story plot.


Community Interactions

Community Interactions is a collection of original prints, each one a unique artwork portraying one’s perception of community. Together, the prints in this portfolio offer a diverse inventory of thoughts, architecture, and culture individuals build into their community.


Parallel Portraits

Parallel Portraits is a collection of original prints, each one a dual self-portrait portraying one’s perception of their own online and offline personas. Although the real and virtual self-portraits are separate images, printing them together creates a unifying image.

Examples of Imagery Specific to workshop theme

Zuni Fetishes

Participants examine the symbolism and the iconographic features of Zuni fetish carvings by the Zuni people. Participants then go on to create their own fetishes in the form of graphic prints to share.

Portfolio: Strengths in Unison

Strengths in Unison celebrates the diverse strengths of the members that make up a team. Here, participants use the pop-artist Keith Haring as inspiration to create their own playful figures, which they print separate and together.