Printmaking: The Ideal Team Bonding Workshop

Why printmaking is ideal for team bonding workshops

Printmaking historically is a collaborative medium, often used for spreading of information (religious texts, political movements, and playing cards, to name a few). Aside from working side-by-side your team-mates in a print shop, here are a few reasons why printmaking may be your best medium for a team-bonding event. 


Criteria highlights individual personaliy

Each member of your team works within the same criteria, lending their own perspective to an overall theme. Because the only variable is personality, printmaking reveals the visual record of your teams diverse approaches to problem solving

Gallup Strength Theme Portfolio 

Gallup Strength Theme Portfolio 

Each portfolio tells a story-big and small

Each person has a story to tell. Through the collaborative nature of printmaking, individuals contribute their perspective to a theme portfolio. Each portfolio communicates both the big-team picture and the individual mindset that makes goals happen

Edition of prints by a Stryker Endo employee

Edition of prints by a Stryker Endo employee

Your hard work multiplies

Feedback suggests participants have the most fun carving and printing-resonating with modern research highlighting that hard work fuels happiness. The fun you have carving out imagery multiplies with each print you pull. Your hard work can be on display in many places at once, like in your house, your team-mates houses, your office, and the Block Paper Print Headquarters!

There are just a few reasons why printmaking may be an ideal workshop for your team! 


Gallup Strengths Finder Portfolio by Stryker Endoscopy

When the only variable is personality magical things happen. Below is the print gallery for Stryker Endoscopy's Gallup Strengths Finder theme portfolio 


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