Strengths-Based Artmaking


At Block Paper Print we draw the connection between strengths-based coaching and visual communications. We focus on what our clients naturally do well. When our clients make art, its all about affirming their natural talents- they are naming, claiming, and reinforcing their talents using a visual vocabulary. 

Our clients also love working with professional artist materials to make striking works of art. Because they create using the communal medium of printmaking, they each contribute their work to build theme portfolios- art collections they each take home, acting as reminders of their individual and team strengths.



I'm Charles, the founder of Block Paper Print

I work with individuals, managers, and teams who want to increase productivity and bring a creative practice into their lives. They have the desire to create meaningful work everyday and understand that why they create is fundamental to how they physically go about it. By creating visual affirmations, my clients learn how to achieve personal growth and reflection through art-making.

My Credentials

  • Gallup Certified Clifton Strengths Coach

  • Master of Fine Arts, University of Arizona

  • Bachelor of Sequential Art, Savannah College of Art and Design

Learning traditional woodblock printing process during a residency in Japan

Learning traditional woodblock printing process during a residency in Japan

Manager and team bonding workshop print production

Manager and team bonding workshop print production

What makes our workshops unique

Combining coaching with art-making is unconventional, for sure. Art-making taps into our sensory need to create. When our clients create work about their positive affirmations, it re-engages them to their work and their connection to the world. Also: Every work of art our clients make during workshops is absolutely gorgeous: Have a look for yourself.

People are always surprising me with what they create

Clients have a special relationship with the work they create. Symbolically, their work reflects their unique talents. Our clients learn to create work that means something special to them, while at the same time their imagery is visually impactful on their teammates.