Create with me

As your creative coach, I'll use my resourceful knowledge; perceptions to re-orinet, and curious mind to guide you towards solutions with insightful drive.


A complete printmaking studio

Coaching sessions take place in my artist studio, allowing for western and eastern printmaking processes.


work in a professional studio

Use an etching press, drying racks, and even flat-file access to create and store your work.

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Use Artist-quality materials

Create art using high-quality inks, brushes, and Japanese papers - all part of the studio session.


“I took a mokuhanga class with Charles Coates in his studio. Charles is a knowledgable, caring and attentive teacher, providing information and techniques that come from experience. He makes woodcut printing approachable and easy to understand. I enjoyed my experience and look forward to more cutting and printing, soon!”
— Pantea Karimi, professional artist (
“Charles helped me print an edition from a linoleum block. My prints came out beautifully, and I also had a great time getting to know Charles and learning more about printmaking. I would recommend Charles to anyone who is interested in learning art- especially printmaking; he is positive, knowledgeable, and sensitive to his student’s needs.
— Naomi Branz, Professional Educator
Hannah printing a woodcut print

Hannah printing a woodcut print

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